My Top 10 for 2011

     This will be the first time I have actually tried to pick my own favorites from a single year.  Thanks to Jim Goldstein and his annual “Your Best Photos From 2011” Blog Project  to get me motivated to make my own list. It was a fairly quiet and slow year for photography having only exposed about 200 sheets of film.  Yeah, I know some digital togs may do that just for one frame if you include multi-row stitching, focus and exposure blends…. 😉  that’s a lot of frames!  Just four weekend outings for me this year including three trips to Yosemite and one trip to the Sonora Pass of the Central Sierra Nevada.  About sixteen days total.

For me though, it’s not about how much time one spends in the field, it’s what you’re able to do while you’re out there.  Of course much of it depends on conditions, but I’m one who will try to squeeze as much out of a trip as possible, no matter what the conditions.  There will ALWAYS be a subject and a moment to capture.

Interesting exercise though.  How does one go about picking their top 10 from any given period?  Do you choose your favorite? Just like you were judging a contest?  Or do you choose because an image has more meaning? More effort to obtain?  Maybe it was extra tough to process and you’re proud of the results you were able to obtain?  What is your criteria to critique your own work?  Of course only you can answer than for  your own work…. Me, it’s as simple as the results I’m most satisfied with; whether it’s due to the original capture and moment of experience, the effort or the work that went in to creating the final presentation.  Most importantly, I’m proud to display these top 10:

Pacific dogwood over the Merced river from the Pohono Bridge, Yosemite National Park.Feng Shui, Dogwood Harmony. Yosemite National Park

Lupine and summer wildflowers on the Sonora Pass of the Central Sierra Nevada mountains. File#41082SVLupine Dreams. Sonora Pass, CA

Inner Sanctum II. Weathered Western Juniper on the Sonora Pass, CA. 41085SVInner Sanctum II. Sonora Pass, CA

Transitions. First winter snow on last autumn leaf of an Alder. Yosemite National Park. File#41153SVCLTransitions. Autumn Alder and Snow, Yosemite National Park

Have a Seat II. File #41105SVHave a Seat II. Bodie State Historic Park, CA

Cascading Geology. Intrusive rock wall guards the Merced River Canyon. File #41134SVCascading Geology. Merced River Canyon, CA

Alpine Lily in soft element. Sonora Pass, Centrial Sierra Nevada. File #41126SVAlpine Lily in Soft Element. Sonora Pass, CA

Black and Blue II. Scarred and charred insides of Western Juniper. Sonora Pass, CA. File #41074SVCR3Black and Blue II. Sonora Pass, CA

Winter's Dressing. Leidig Meadow after snow storm, Yosemite National Park. File #41162SVWinter’s Dressing. Leidig Meadow, Yosemite National Park

Leidig Meadow Panoramic. Yosemite National Park. File #41163-166PHBW4xLeidig Meadow Panoramic. Yosemite National Park

Thanks for looking in. Please feel free to leave a comment. For anyone interested in more of my favorites, click here.