Welcome to the web journal of Lon J. Overacker.   Lon is a California-based photographer who captures nature and scenic landscape images on film with a large format, 4×5 camera.  Please visit Lon’s website and enjoy browsing the galleries of over 500 large format nature and landscape images.

Artist’s Statement:Lon Overacker

“Capturing moments in time… is the essence of my photography.  For I know that whenever I press that shutter release, the image just captured on film is completely unique in all of the world – and can never be duplicated.  Yes, there are thousands, if not millions of images of Yosemite Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge and even the ruins of Machu Pichu, Peru.  What makes each and every one of those images unique, is time.   The memories and experiences of capturing an image are preserved forever; each image stamped with it’s own moment in time.” – Lon


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